PhD Course  Program of the course "Archaeology and Technology: Theories of Creative Design for Innovation"

(Dr. Alessandra Gobbi)


Seminar 1 - Computer Scientists and Archaeologists still together for Etruscan cultural heritage

The seminar will focus on the expanding cooperation between archaeologists and Computer Science experts as regards their common involvement in the international project based on the study of Etruscan marks. This collaboration stems from the fruitful meeting between the two experts’ communities, well-rooted since the T.Arc. H.N.A. project (cfr. RIDI). The seminar will enlighten the growth of such a multidisciplinary environment by considering both the initial knowledge gap and the successive creation of a common field of interaction among the team.


Seminar 2 - An example of computer-supported collaborative project: the roots of IESP

The course will outline the archaeological starting point of the project, aiming to foster our knowledge on the Etruscan non-textual inscriptions, found in different sites all over the Mediterranean World. Even if sigla have been often neglected by specialists because of their ‘illiterate’ appearance, their potential of communication seems to depend on a variety of factors, such as contexts of provenance, purpose and use of objects where sigla occur, associations among different sigla. In order to gather and manage an high quantity of data and to provide new interpretations of such a complex evidence, a computer-supported collaborative system might offer an extraordinary tool to create a common ground to support discussion and exchange of ideas among scholars.


Seminar 3 - An interactive knowledge management system for IESP

The seminar will shortly present the interactive knowledge management system developed by the Computer Science team of the Università degli Studi di Milano to support the International Etruscan Sigla Project activities. Particular attention will be reserved to describe how the system meets the needs of the archaeologists by mean of flexibility and free acceptance of different interpretations.


Seminar 4 - Problems and perspectives of the IESP system

The seminar will analyze some of the main problems and the most important perspectives emerging from the sharing knowledge management system designed for IESP. The course will take into account scientific ownership problems, board necessity, need to deal with a system design as easiest as possible, relevance given to the development of annotation tools, opportunity to integrate an increasing number of archaeological archives. Some insights rising from the workshop held in Tarquina (11-12th July 2011) and attended both by archaeologists and Computer scientists will be briefly pointed out.

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