PhD Course  Program of the course "Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Learning"

(Prof. Anders Mørch)


Lecture 1: Introduction to CSCW

Coordination, cooperation, awareness, and critiquing as basic concepts; groupware, social media, and recommender systems as example of technologies; sociotechnical interaction design as design method; (virtual) ethnography as research method.

Slides: PDF


Lecture 2: Advanced topics in CSCW

Mediation, intersubjectivity and tailorability as concepts; open source development as example of distributed CSCW; social network analysis (SNA) as research method; Featured: OSD project.

Slides: PDF


Lecture 3: Introduction to CSCL

Zone of proximal development, scaffolding, perspective taking, and collaborative knowledge creation as basic concepts; tools to support collaborative inquiry (knowledge building), pedagogical agents and virtual 3D worlds as example of technologies; interaction analysis as research method; Featured: CAMO project.

Slides: PDF


Lecture 4: Computer supported work and learning (integrating CSCW and CSCL)

Mutual development (interaction between amateur and professional developers); participatory design techniques; grounded theory as research method; Featured: KIKK project

Slides: PDF


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