PhD Course  Readings for the course "Human-Centered Computing Themes for the Future"

(Prof. Anders Mørch)


Lecture 1

Dourish, P. and Bellotti, V. 1992. Awareness and Coordination in Shared Workspaces. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work CSCW'92 (Toronto, Ontario), 107-114. New York: ACM.

Ellis, C.A., Gibbs, S.J. and Rein, G.L. (1991). Groupware: Some Issues and Experiences, Commun. ACM34(1), 39-58.  URL:

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Grudin, J. (1994). Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: History and Focus, IEEE Computer 27(5), 19-26. 

Mørch, A.I. (2011). Externalized Design: Expressing Social Ideas in User Interfaces. In E. Coakes (ed.), Knowledge Development and Social Change through Technology: Emerging Studies, Hersey, PA: IGI Global, pp. 64-84. 

Resnick, P. and Varian, H.R. (1997). Recommender systems. Commun. ACM 40, 3 (March 1997), 56-58. URL:

Waldrop, M. M. (2008). Science 2.0: Great new tool, or great risk? Wikis, blogs and other collaborative technologies could usher in a new era of science. Or not., Scientific American (Vol. 2008). URL


Lecture 2

Fugelli, P., Lahn, L. and Mørch, A. (2013). Shared Prolepsis and Intersubjectivity in Open Source Development: Expansive Grounding in Distributed Work. Paper accepted to CSCW 2013.

Mørch, A.I. (2011). Evolutionary Application Development: Tools to Make Tools and Boundary Crossing. Ch. 9 in H. Isomäki & S. Pekkola (eds.): Reframing Humans in Information Systems Development. London, UK: Springer-Verlag, pp. 151-171. 

Shami, N.S., Erickson, T. and Kellogg, W.A. (2011). Common Ground and Small Group Interaction in Large Virtual World Gatherings. Proceedings ECSCW 2011, Springer: London, UK, 393-404. 


Lecture 3

Furberg, A. (2009). Socio-cultural aspects of prompting student reflection in web-based inquiry learning environments. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 25(4), pp. 397-409. 

Ludvigsen, S., and Mørch, A. (2010). Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Basic Concepts, Multiple Perspectives, and Emerging Trends, in The International Encyclopedia of Education, Volume 5, edited by B. McGaw, P. Peterson and E. Baker. Oxford, UK: Elsevier, pp. 290-296. 

Mørch, A.I., Jondahl, S. and Dolonen, J.A. (2005). Supporting Conceptual Awareness with Pedagogical Agents. Information Systems Frontiers 7, 1 (January 2005), 39-53. 

Stahl, G., Koschmann, T., & Suthers, D. (2006). Computer-supported collaborative learning. In R. K. Sawyer (Ed.), Cambridge handbook of the learning sciences. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.  


Lecture 4

Andersen, R., and Mørch, A. I. (2009). Mutual Development: A Case Study in Customer-Initiated Software Product Development. In V. Pipek, M.B. Rosson, B de Ruyter and V. Wulf (Eds.). Proc. 2nd Int'l Symposium on End User Development (IS-EUD 2009), Heidelberg, Germany: Springer, pp. 31-49. 

Cheng, B., Wang, M., Mørch, A. Chen, N.-S. & Kinshuk (2012). Research on Learning in the Workplace 2000-2010: A Thematic Analysis of the Literature, submitted for publication. 

Mørch, A.I. (2012). Information Seeking and Collaborative Knowledge Creation: Exploring Collaborative Learning in Customer Service Work and Software Product Development. Paper Submission to CSCL @ work, a book edited by: Goggins, Jahnke, & Wulf. Heidelberg: Springer. 

Mørch, A.I., Nygård, K.A. and Ludvigsen, S.R. (2009). Adaptation and Generalisation in Software Product Development. In H. Daniels et al. (Eds.), Activity theory in practice: Promoting learning across boundaries (pp. 184-205). London, UK: Routledge. 

Mørch, A.I. and Skaanes, M.A. (2010). Design and Use of an Integrated Work and Learning System: Information Seeking as Critical Function. In Ludvigsen, S. Lund, A., Rasmussen, I. and Säljö, R. (eds.). Learning Across Sites: New Tools, Infrastructures and Practices. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 138-155. 

Schmidt, K. (2001). Computer-supported cooperative work and learning. FREREF ICT workshop (9-10 July 2001). URL:

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