DESIRE: Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology is an Initial Training Network funded by the European Commission, Framework 7 under Marie Curie Program. It aims to make theoretical contributions to the field of creative design by bringing together expertise in human computer interaction, psychology, arts and design.

The network aims to advance our understanding of creative design processes applied in the scientific and technological problem solving. This will lead to the elaboration of: theories and models of creative processes in general, and those involved in creative problem solving in particular, and methods, techniques and systems to support both creative design processes and creativity training.

The network places particular emphasis on the research training to be provided to successful candidates. Thus, each researcher will benefit from a wide range of training programs that will take advantage of both local and network-wide activities, as well as conferences and summer schools.



Ongoing. Duration: 4 years (2008-2012).


CSLab role

Supervision of Project #9 (Implement interactive design patterns and tools for supporting creative design process, through visual languages) and Project #10 (Investigate End-User-Development and meta-design approaches for creative problem solving in cultural information and communication environments).

Leader of work package WP5 – Organization of first DESIRE summer school and participation in the organization of the second one.


CSLab outcomes

[Conferences proceedings]

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[Book chapters]

- B.R. Barricelli, A. Marcante, P. Mussio, L. Parasiliti Provenza, M. Padula, P.L. Scala. "Designing Pervasive and Multimodal Interactive Systems: An Approach Built on the Field”. In "Handbook of Research on Multimodal Human Computer Interaction and Pervasive Services: Evolutionary Techniques for Improving Accessibility”. Patrizia Grifoni (ed.). Idea Group Inc. 2009.


Dissemination activities

- Organization of the DESIRE International Summer School "Theories of Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology". September 20-26, 2009. Gargnano del Garda, Italy.

- Lecture “Meta-Design: Innovation and Design from Users to Users” at DESIRE International Summer School "Theories of Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology". September 20-26, 2009. Gargnano del Garda, Italy.

- Co-organization of the "End-User Development for Services" Workshop, held in conjunction with AVI2010 conference. May 25th, 2010. Rome, Italy.

- Organization of the Workshop "Creativity and complexity in interdisciplinary design teams". July 11-12, 2011. Tarquinia, Italy.


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