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SCV: Sistema Culturale Valchiavenna is a regional project funded by Fondazione Cariplo (Cultural Systems). The goal of the project is addressed to create a system for managing and recording georeferenced objects for the dissemination of cultural content through innovative and flexible tools, useful to scholars but at the same time able to satisfy needs of a wide audience.


Portale Culturale Valchiavenna

Portale Culturale Valchiavenna versione con multimappe




CSLab role

CSLab's research activities, in the context of this project, can be placed on two different levels. A first objective concerns the need to rebuild a rich cultural heritage belonging to various public and private museums spread in the territory using innovative tools.

A second problem concerns the need to enrich this heritage through a network of knowledge able to contextualize the cultural objects in their original historical and cultural meaning. These content management techniques are designed in order to offer new models of knowledge in the field of protection, enhancement and dissemination of cultural heritage.

These models allow integration of semantic knowledge bases scattered across different databases, providing a transparent access to information of each data source. The approach, still under investigation and verification, is based on a combination of two different representations of the domain information. The first one is designed in order to show concepts, relationships and thinking strategies belonging to the conceptual model of domain experts (museum curators and historic, geographical, economic, chemical experts in the area) and the second representation is designed for presenting the same knowledge base in a form understandable by the machine (by using an ontology). 


CSLab outcomes

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